7 Key Hardware Specs That Put The Galaxy S2 Tablet Above the Competition

Buying the right tablet is not the simple task it once was. Once upon a time, you only had to think about how much space you needed, whether you preferred utility or user-friendliness and how much you wanted to spend. Nowadays, there are multiple tablets available from over half a dozen major manufacturers, as well as many smaller manufacturers, and choosing can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed purchase, though, the following list details seven hardware specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet that are more impressive than similar specs you will find on other major tablets.

  1. External Storage – The Nook Samsung Tab S2 is available in two sizes: 32GB and 64GB. That’s decent for a tablet in its price range. It’s not as much space as that offered by the new iPad Pro, but one important distinction means you will be able to store more on your S2 tab than on any other tablet – external storage. You can add up to 64GB of space inexpensively by sliding in a microSD card. As an added bonus, the new storage will be portable, meaning you can temporarily switch it out of the tablet to use in a different device if you want.
  2. Generous Memory – Being low on memory is endlessly frustrating for most users, and it is a problem increasingly common in today’s tablets. This is because most high-end tablet markers are putting in hardware that can match laptops but, at the same time, neglecting to exceed 2MB of RAM when they install memory. Since the Galaxy S2 has 3MB of memory, beating almost all modern tablets, your experience will remain speedy while you are utilizing the tablet’s full multitasking support, including multi-window.
  3. Crystal-Clear Front Camera – One of the coolest things about today’s rapidly advancing Wi-Fi technology is that it allows us to video chat with friends who we couldn’t see otherwise using video networking software like Skype. Laptop makers are beginning to fully embrace this phenomenon by installing high-megapixel front cameras in the computers, but tablets are still behind on this front, for the most part. Even the new Nexus 9 from Google only sports a lousy 1.6 megapixels on its front camera. The Samsung Galaxy S2’s 2.1 megapixels will make your video chat a lot clearer.
  4. Feather Light, Razor Thin – As tablet makers are fitting tablets with increasingly higher-end hardware, they are making the tablets bigger and bigger. In doing this, they are forgetting something important: tablets are differentiated from laptops for a reason. They are supposed to be light and thin enough to carry around with extreme ease. Samsung kept this in mind when designing the S2, and the result is a tab that only weighs 389 grams (as opposed to the 713 grams of the new iPad Pro), and is 5.6 mm thick, a dimension that tech news source The Verge called “ridiculously thin.”
  5. Octa-Core Processor – Forget dual-core. And forget quad-core, the processor used in many powerful computers made nowadays. The S2 brings you the power of octa-core, which makes it extremely fast. That means you can run even graphics-heavy video games on the tablet with no lag, and becoming a multitasking powerhouse of productivity will be completely feasible, too.
  6. Replaceable Battery – Eventually, even rechargeable batteries wear out. It’s an inevitability. Most laptop designs make the problem fixable by including replaceable battery slots, but tablet makers have not caught on. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on an electronic device, it is only right that you should be able to extend its life for as long as possible by buying a new battery when your original one wears down. This was Samsung’s reasoning when they included a replaceable battery in the S2.
  7. Low Price – Alright, so this isn’t technically a hardware spec, but still bears mentioning. Who doesn’t consider price? Nobody. The Galaxy S2’s price of $499 (and an additional 10% of for Barnes and Noble members) makes it much cheaper than what is perhaps the most popular tablet at the moment: the iPad – the iPad Pro’s cheapest model costs $799. And considering that many of its hardware specs put the iPad Pro to shame, that’s an incredible deal.

Samsung took a lot of time and care in designing the S2’s hardware. But the software side is great as well. The most groundbreaking feature of the software, in fact, is that the user experience is layered with the interface of Barnes and Noble’s Nook. This fact makes it easier to discover, read, and analyze content. The Samsung Tab S2 also comes preloaded with Microsoft Office, making productivity even easier.

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