Surprisingly 6/6/06 has turned out to be a good day! Steven sold his first piano!!! And, I got a new piano student and a gig. $75 an hour baby…heck yah! Except for the fact that I have to get my fake nails taken off so I can actually practice. Sad. 

I have to write a “reflective letter” for my writing final. How do I say “I learned nothing in your class because I was an Anthropology major and already knew how to write decently!” ??? I don’t mean to be a bitch, but really, I didn’t learn a damn thing in Writing 101 except for how to stab my eyes out from the boredom. Oh, and waste a lot of time revising drafts that didn’t get a better grade. WTF?
My Psychology final was hard, like I predicted. My teacher had no mercy. Ugh. Oh well.. I’m hoping to pull a 3.6 or 3.7 this quarter overall… that would be really REALLY nice.
My thermometer says it’s really hot in my house (74 degrees fahrenheit, for Daniel that’s 23…lol.) but for some reason I’m freezing.. I think it’s the breeze. Ugh.
Oh well, better start writing that stupid letter. Yay I get Xmen tomorrow to review!!! And I have the day off!!!

Dude… osim except for the sound quality. Oh well. Steinway “D” (for Damn Big) make everyone sound great. I love them, except for the fact that they’re like… 100,000 dollars.

I wanted to sleep in today, as I don’t have a final until 10am. Well, my body said “too bad Trisha, we’re used to getting up at 6:30, and this day is no different”. Ugh.
I have a LONG teaching day today. I think from around 1-7:30pm, not including drive time. Then I have essays to finish for my other final tomorrow. Geez…. PLEASE Just 1 day away until it’s OVER!!!
I’m trying to find another job as a medical receptionist… over the summer it’s going to be too difficult to maintain a decent income, as a million students are going out of town for half the summer. Ugh I hate being a self-employed piano teacher.
Typing with these stupid acrylic nails is really difficult. I’m so used to being a tomboy with short nails that this is pissing me off. And trying to practice piano? That’s a joke. 
Mmmm… Cinnamon Toast Crunch… great way to start your day! And I bought some powdered Oregon Chai, it’s so tasty…..
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