5-point Rating System

I think that the 5-point rating system is fine, and that isn’t because I’m trying to kiss Alan’s ass.

GameInformer, the self-proclaimed #1 gaming magazine uses a 10 point system, but really they only use a 5, as they claim anything receiving a 5 or under is not worthy of your hard-earned cash.
If you’re on a 10 point scale and 1 is bad 5 is decent and 10 is frickin’ awesome, why do you need to know if the game got a 2 or a 3? Just so you know it’s worse than a game rated a 3 but you still shouldn’t waste the cash?
I think 5 is enough. I’ve used decimals in 1/2 increments before, but really, do you need to know a percentage either? Who cares if the game got a 96 or 98%? Wouldn’t you buy both anyway based on your personal preferences? I think 100 points or really even 10 points is just too vague.
Whoever wrote that article slamming sites using rating systems is a doofus. A lot of reviews are read just for the scores…. who wants to read every cherished word a writer puts on the paper to decide whether they should buy the game or hardware? I know most people only read about 1 out of 3 pages I write… so who cares? I could write “All of my readers are retarded neanderthals who love to stick it to horses” on the 3rd page and no one would probably complain except for Alan because he happens to be fond of horses and why couldn’t I use something like a goat instead?
If I’m wrong here let me know, but I really doubt people take the time to read every word I write down. Many people would much rather just see the score and then judge for themselves. The words are really only there for justification.
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