Ugh the pressure is on….

I have a 96.99% in Math, a 4.0. I need to get a 96% on the final exam to maintain the 4.0…. ugh it’s gonna be a lot of hard studying this weekend. But if I make it, I’ll have a 4.0 in both classes, a 4.0 for the quarter. That would be frickin’ sweet.
Lots of Christmas shopping lately, it’s soooo nice that we can actually afford to buy presents for everyone. Steven’s first commission goes towards presents… nice.
Barnes and Noble employee appreciation sale starts today… time to load up on every book I’ve ever wanted, haha!
I want to quit working at Gamestop…. I like the people and benefits but hate the work. Plus, the only day I can work are on my days off from teaching, which means I never spend any time with Steven. Now that my Tuesdays are filled with volunteering, my work ethic is dimishing for that other job. Ugh. It does pay for my schooling mostly, but the hours are just so tedious. Deciding between work and my family is getting increasingly difficult. Lastly, getting home at 10:45 all the time wreaks havoc on my sleep schedule because when I get home I’m wired from working and can’t fall asleep until around midnight. GAAAAHH.. Advice???
Steven and I got a new TV…. a 60″ 1080p Sony on sale at Video Only. It was expensive, but the boy has wanted one since we moved into our apartment (3 years ago). It’s hard to deny someone something that they REALLY want. The only problem is that we sit about 5ft from the TV, making every show like going to the theatre. Actually, is that really a problem? I dunno.
The Christmas tree is up… I’m so happy! My house smells pine-y fresh. Off to work now….
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