4 Physical Networks

I have 4 physical networks:,, and, using VPN on the router to link them together. DHCP is handled by one of two redundant servers located in IL and CT. Currently I’m using two Netgear FVS318v2’s, one Netgear FVS318v1 and one Netgear FVS318v3. The v1’s and v2’s link to the v3 right now, but that provides no redundancy in the link, and I’m already maxing out my encryption processors on all levels so that they can barely handle the throughput of a 3 Mbps DSL connection, let alone something faster like the 30 down/5 up connections we’re thinking of moving to (slowly but surely). So the routers need to be able to handle (ideally) 30 Mbps LAN to LAN to handle multiple connections over the VPN, so I’m probably looking at something with 90+ WAN to LAN throughput as well. It doesn’t need a built-in switch or wi-fi since I have seperate gigabit switches and seprate APs with RADIUS.

Hence, a pizza box for $300 starts looking cheap.

Now, for audio, I am going to be using fiber obviously, but beyond that I need to be able to fully disable all audio processing on the system itself.  Hence I’m probably looking at high quality onboard HDAudio.