4 jobs… ugh!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, lots of stuff going on between working 4 jobs… ugh!

Lots of decision making lately… basically I’m broke this month because a lot of my piano students decided to go out of town, which means I got paid about 1/3 of my usual income. So I have this opportunity for a hospital admitting job.. it pays 14.63 an hour plus free medical and $2.60 dental per month. Also, if I work graveyard shift I could make an additional 1.70 due to shift differential. The only problem is, if I do that, I have to quit teaching. I would work 7 on, 7 off so theoretically I could be teaching on my week off, but still… that would be really REALLY hard to do. I’m not exactly sure what my decision will be, but I’m going to turn in the application and if it is accepted then I will have to make the decision.
Working at Gamestop is tiring. I’ve worked there 7 hours and am still not allowed to answer the phone or use the cash register. Why? Well cause I haven’t been receiving training, mostly just doing bitchwork. But I understand, the manager has been really busy and he’s the only one allowed to train me. I have to work tonight as well.
Ugh I have to drive to Issaquah (roughly 30 miles from my house) for 1 lesson today for an hour. How irritating is that? I usually have a more full schedule, but everyone has cancelled today! What’s up with that! So I’ll teach until 12:30, come home, and leave again at 5pm to go to Gamestop. Hooray I guess.
Waiting for some games to come for me to review…. I’ve only got old ones.
You know, the thing that sucks worst about Gamestop is how everyone argues with you about games, saying their broken when they work perfectly on our machines. GRRR. Also, I have to listen to a lot of nerds tell me about why WoW is so awesome and why Naruto shirts are the frickin’ best. Now I’m nerdy…. but atleast I get laid. Lol.
More adventures to come folks… I’ll keep you posted.  
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