3ware Escalade 7000 and Server 2008

So, I’ve been toying with Windows Server 2008 for a few weeks, and have ironed out most of the kinks… until I came across this little issue…

The server I used has a 3ware Escalade 7000 RAID card (2-port SATA).  There are no “official” Server 2008 drivers, but their support said that the latest drivers work just fine in Server 2008, and it does run.

Almost immediately after installation, 3DM2 (3ware’s latest management utility) said that one of the drives has failed and my RAID 1 array was degraded.  Well, I bought a new drive, plopped it in… and could not make it part of the array… it wanted to be listed as a spare drive…

So I hop into the bios utility and force the extra drive into the RAID 1 array.  No problems. 

Then in Windows I went into 3dm2 and did a rebuild.  It starts proceeding just fine until I get an email that “rebuild failed”.  This is the exact message I got about the other drive, which prompted me to buy a replacement.

So, I think there is nothing wrong with my drives, but the beta drivers just don’t work.  (I even did a sector scan on the “bad” drive and it was perfectly fine).  I cannot find any support information on 3ware’s site, or any forums.  Certainly someone else in this world is using a 3ware Escalade RAID card on Server 2008.  I really want to keep Server 2008 because IIS7 is just so much better than IIS6.  I COULD use the motherboard’s onboard RAID instead of the 3ware card, but there would be no management utilities, no auto-rebuilds, or any of the other features that make server-level RAID worthwhile.

Does anyone have any advice?

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