120 GB Solid State Drive Review Rev. 3.0

OCZ Technology has one of the most extensive SSD line-ups in
the industry. They not only offer solid state drives in the
traditional 1.8″, 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard disk drive form factors, but also
less common upgrade paths like PCI Express and USB 3.0.

Their 2.5″ SATA family alone offers four different product segments :

– Maximum Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex 2 EX, and OCZ Vertex 2
– Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex 2 and OCZ Agility 2
– Mainstream : OCZ Vertex and OCZ Onyx 2
– Value : OCZ Onyx

Today, we will be looking at the OCZ Vertex 2 (E) 120 GB solid state
drive, which is one of their Performance / Enterprise-grade solid
state drives. Here are the latest updates :

– Major revamp of the review, with numerous updates and corrections.
– Retested the SSDs with the latest firmware.
– Upgraded to the newer IO Meter 2008 benchmark with tests aligned at
4 KB.
– The SSDs were also tested with compressible and non-compressible
data, and the results averaged for a more accurate representation of
real life performance.
– Rewrote the section on SSD Maintenance, and the Conclusion.