12 Legitimate Reasons to Hack Your Console

12 Reasons to Hack Your Console

Emulation and Cheats

8. No emulator available

Classic Xbox has no working emulator, which is very ironic since its hardware is the closest to PC hardware.  If you still want to play your classic Xbox games, then you’re going to have to have a modified Xbox.  Sure, Microsoft has added compatibility to the Xbox 360 over the years, so most of the games worth playing on the original Xbox will work on the 360, many with improved graphics or framerate.


9. Cheats

You can buy some addon products that allow you to cheat, like the Action Replay for the Nintendo DS.  Not only are these things a little buggy, but it makes your cartridge stick out a few inches, which will probably end up breaking.

Hacking your console opens up a world of cheats right within the game itself, with no addons required.  Usually you just press a button combination to open up a menu and select your cheats.  You can also add new cheats by updating a text file on the console.

PSP Cheats

10. Fix compatibility of system updates

Console makers are publishing new system updates all the time… the Playstation 3 has a new one every day it seems.  Sometimes this is to add new features to the console, but mostly it is to thwart the efforts of hackers.  There have been a few patches that just flatout break stuff.  With a hacked console you can maintain compatibility of your existing software.