12 Legitimate Reasons to Hack Your Console

12 Reasons to Hack Your Console

Warranty Woes

6. Warranties don’t cover physical damage

Every warranty only covers manufacturer’s defects.  If you drop your Nintendo 3DS and the screen cracks, then that’s considered physical damage and not covered under warranty.  If you spill Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper on your Xbox 360, then that’s physical damage.  Dog chewed through AC adapter cord? Physical damage.

The warranty is not a “free pass for a year” for your console.  Even if it was, you have to wait 2-3 weeks of turnaround time to get your system back.  You might think you can  return it to the retail store, but most won’t take it back, because once you buy it the serial number is registered to you.

No longer covered under warranty

This Xbox is no longer covered under warranty

The point of this is that unless you keep your console in a glass case surrounded by pillows, then you’re going to cause physical damage at some point, which voids the warranty.

As mentioned in the previous point, if you replace your console then you may lose any downloaded games.  If you had backups then you wouldn’t run into this problem.

7. Keep community alive

Once a game console is retired, there are still lots of gamers who love to play the games.  Some people just grew up with certain games and they find comfort in it, or they may have clans that are dedicated to a particular genre.

Gaming Community

Whatever the reason, system emulators and hacked consoles are the only practical ways to play the games of yesteryear.  Old consoles will eventually break, and the parts just cannot be found any more, which is why there are so many emulators that run practically every classic console you can think of.