10 Ways to Increase iPhone 3G’s Battery Life


Maximize your iPhone Usage

Some people think of the iPhone as a phone with a mini-computer built in, and others use it as an “always-on” pico-computer that happens to have a cell phone.  Regardless of how you use it, the iPhone is a life-changing device.

One of the biggest faults of the device is the inability to replace the battery.  This decision is even more unbelievable when you realize how much power the iPhone can really suck down… an average user usually cannot last an entire day without being tethered to an electrical outlet of some kind.

Regardless of the complaints, consumers still have to deal with what they have.  Here are some ways that will definately increase your battery life in your iPhone 3G

1. Avoid Extreme Heat
The Lithium Ion battery embedded within your iPhone is rather sensitive to temperature extremes.  Extreme heat, such as temperatures above 114 degrees Farenheit, can quickly degrade the battery more quickly than normal.  This translates into less total battery capacity over time.

2. Turn the brightness down
Just as it is in every device, your LCD screen’s backlight is one of the biggest draws of power.  Turn off the “Auto-Brightness” setting, and make your screen as dim as you can possibly stand.  This may not work for you if you are outside a lot.

3. Low-coverage areas and Airport mode
Whatever cell network you are on, you need to realize how cell phones stay connected.  Whenever you get further away from cell towers, your phone has to “shout louder” to the tower to make sure it is connected.  This is what the “airplane mode” of the iPhone’s settings is for… it won’t try to scream louder in areas with poor service.  If you’re out in the middle of nowhere (and can still get a 3G signal), then you may notice your battery life reduced significantly.  If you absolutely don’t need to be reached while camping (or waiting for your next plane), then turn your phone off until YOU need to make a call or get on the Internet.  Otherwise you may find yourself without.

4. Turn off Bluetooth when you don’t need it
This one is easy.  At the current firmware, the only device the iPhone supports is a wireless headset.  Unless you use your headset all the time, then turn Bluetooth off.  I usually only turn it on when I know I’m going to have a long conversation.  Unfortunately, the only “legal” way to toggle Bluetooth is to enter the Settings menu, which constitutes 5 clicks.  There are some applications that allow for “one-click” bluetooth toggles, but you must have a jailbroken iPhone to use them (currently).

5. Change your email settings.
Do you really need to be notified of email right when you get it?  Can you wait a little bit?  If so, then turn off the “Push” technology on your phone.  Push always has a little trickle of a signal out there, so its connected email server can transmit a new message.  It’s not as expensive as checking for messages the traditional way, but it is on all the time, and therefore can suck additional battery power.  If your life depends upon email, then you may not be able to live without this.

If you can live without Push, then you can save more juice by checking for messages less often.  Instead of checking for email every 15 minutes, why not change it to “1 hour”?  Instead of checking for mail 96 times a day, you will only check twenty-four times a day.

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