10 Million Xbox 360s

As of right now, there are 10 million 360’s in peoples homes, that’s a ten million person head start. When these two other systems break in late 06′ (and there are rumors that PS3 might not make it for Xmas) you can be damn sure the price of the 360 will drop. It happens literally everytime a competitors system comes out and it’s usually a decent drop. My guess is the 360 will drop $100 bucks the same time either one of the other systems comes out. The Nintendo system will definately have it’s faithful (I’ll buy one) but the real hook is the online gaming, which Microsoft has gotten down so smoothly. PS3 ‘s price tag is way out of touch for the consumers, and I don’t care that they say it’s a “Entertainment system”, it’s primary purpose is to play games. Now don’t think that I have a preference, because as a reviewer I will buy every system that comes out, but Sony confirmed earlier this month that the games for the PS3 will run $69.99 to $89.99. That is gonna really hurt their reputation. And according to PLAY magazine, the graphics the PS3 is pushing is on par with the finest the 360 has offered up. That being said, I think there is room for three console systems I just think that the price tag Sony is putting on their system is too damn high, and I don’t give a sh*t about the Blu-ray player that comes with it, I think that’s gonna flop as well. Anyone remember the Laserdisc player? So in the end, I see the 360 taking this round of the console wars and Nintendo taking second.

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